Our Newest Games!

Looking for some brand new escape rooms? With all of our sites getting ready to reopen on May 17th, we thought we would give you a quick round up of our new games and those that are coming soon!

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Wakefield

Brand new escape room Grimm coming soon to Wakefield

Grimm is the brand new escape room coming to Enigma Rooms Wakefield! We are hard at work getting it ready so keep an eye out for more details coming soon!

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Hull

IMPACT – Light years from home and trouble hits!

Impact coming Soon to Hull

14 years into a 60 year mission to charter the outer limits of the galaxy. You and your crew have very little time and limited resources to save not just the ship, but also your lives. What will you do when you’re running out of the one thing you can’t live without?

🍭Escape The Chocolate Factory – Wouldn’t it be sweet to escape for a while…🍭

Escape the chocolate factory now open in Hull

After spending your whole life looking at the outside of the worlds most mysterious chocolate factory, you finally get chance to step inside.
Will you be lucky enough to get in and marvel at the wonders within? Can you escape to tell the tale?

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Retford


 brand new escape room S.P.Eyes now open in Retford

You and your team of SP Eyes, have a secret mission at The Great Wall of China. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and retrieve the sacred Bell of Zeng that is thought to be hidden in the fabled Dragon Chest. 

Should the evil General Yue Fei Shigenaga find it first, he will use it’s mystical powers to raise the ancient Nine Dragons of Power and the Army of Undead.  It is imperative that you find The Bell first.

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Lincoln

The Crypt -A Tale of Buried Treasure….

The Crypt now open in Lincoln

You are a member of a centuries old secret organisation, called The Order. For the last hundred years The Order has been sending out small teams of relic hunters. They have been frantically searching the globe, looking for ancient artifacts to assist them in their quest for world domination.
Your mission is to search for the Head of Batara Kala, which is believed to be part of Blackbeard’s missing treasure, possibly hidden on the Island of Dead Man’s Chest. The head is rumoured to have the power to enable whoever holds it to destroy all before them.
You have 60 minutes to find it before the island security team return!

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Skegness – Coming Soon!

High Noon – Saddle up for a wild adventure

Brand new escape room High noon coming Soon to Skegness

High Noon is the first brand new escape room coming to Skegness!

You’re in cahoots with Whiskey Pete the bartender, sending the half-wit sheriff of on a wild goose chase to catch some cattle rustlers.  Now you have the run of this two bit town you need to move fast before someone shoots their mouth off and the jig is up.