Dracula’s Tomb at Enigma Rooms Hull!

Introducing our first game at Enigma room’s Hull: Dracula’s Tomb!

We’re excited to finally be able to share our newest game with you! Dracula’s Tomb will be opening a Enigma Rooms Hull, just in time for Halloween! We are opening in Princes Quay shopping centre, right next to Superbowl UK! We are hard at work with the build, so in the meantime we wanted to tell you a little about our brand new game!

Enigma rooms Hull, poster for the new game Dracula's Tomb

When digging the footings to build Princess Quay Shopping Centre in Hull a vault was found. The greatest scholars of the day were brought in to uncover the meaning of what had been found. One name started to be mentioned by the scholars…….Dracula! Is this the long lost Castle Dracula? Many associations are made with Dracula and Whitby but this questions these ideas, is Hull the centre for many Dracula mysteries?

We’re pleased to say that this game will also be fully wheelchair accessible! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, and to find out when you can book! We will also be announcing our second room soon, so be sure not to miss it! We still want to hear from you! Now you know what our first game is going to be, what else do you want to see? Leave a comment on our social media and tell us what brand new themes you are hoping to see at Hull!