Enigma Rooms General Geekery In Nottingham!

We’ve taken the podcast on tour! We’ve been to Nottingham to have a chat with some of the owners, and have a go at a few of their games!

We arrived in Nottingham nice and early, and after a quick bet that Danny couldn’t make it through the fountains without getting wet (he didn’t) we headed to our first game – Daylight Robbery at Cryptology!

Our next stop was Escape Stations, where we travelled back to Ancient Greece to take on Prometheus.

After a quick pit stop for lunch we headed to Cave Escape to have a go at both their games, Carfax and Monuments.

Then finally to Escapologic to take on Curio.

After taking on 5 games almost back to back, we still had a podcast to record, so we headed back to Cryptology to meet with the owners! You can find out what we talked about tomorrow, when our brand new podcast episode is released. Check out our podcast page here in the morning, or search for Enigma Rooms General Geekery podcast on all major podcast providers!