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The Graveyard

Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid!

Ironside escape room



Your king needs your help!

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Scunthorpe

Breakout from the normal day to day and take on an adventure

We have two themed escape rooms in Scunthorpe with cutting edge technology and theming.

Here are the games we currently have in Scunthorpe.

  • Welcome to The Graveyard! William Brown, once a wealthy townsman was executed for a crime he didn’t commit. His crypt has been hidden by falling rocks and hasn’t been seen for a very long time. Strange noises from beyond the cave are believed to be the evil spirit of William Brown looking to seek revenge against the living! Can you find the crypt and open the door for the world to see the truth and release the spirit within?
  • You’re a group of Viking warriors, returning from your last battle where your king, Bjorn Ironside, was slain.
    King Ironside, is now trapped in Niflheim, he needs his pendant returning to his resting place before he can enter Valhalla.
    As his most loyal warriors, he is relying on you to come to his aid.
    coming soon.

Enigma Rooms Scunthorpe

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