New Adventure At Enigma Rooms Lincoln!

Are you ready for a new adventure in Lincoln?

Enigma Live Escape Rooms Lincoln have a brand new adventure for you to play! The Crypt is now open and you can book your game here!

The Crypt At Enigma Rooms Lincoln
The Crypt

You are a member of a centuries old secret organisation, called The Order. For the last hundred years The Order has been sending out small teams of relic hunters, frantically searching the globe, looking for ancient artefacts that they believe to have mystical powers to assist them in their quest for world domination.

Your mission: to search for the Head of Batara Kala, which is believed to be part of Blackbeard’s missing treasure, possibly hidden on the Island of Dead Man’s Chest. The head, when held aloft, is rumoured to have the power to enable whoever holds it to destroy all before them.

You have 60 minutes to find it before the island security team return!

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Sweeney Todd…Its a cut above the rest!

Sweeney Todd

It seemed like a good idea at the time… To sneak into the barbershop to look for food and then find a way to keep warm. Little did you know that this barbershop belongs to the infamous Sweeney Todd. The demon barber of Fleet Street is now on his way back… If you’re not gone by the time he returns it might be more than just your hair getting cut…

S.W.A.T – Special Weapons And Tactics

S.W.A.T at Enigma rooms Lincoln

You’re either S.W.A.T or you’re not! Terrorists have broken into a homeland security missile silo. You are part of an elite team that has been sent to investigate. Your team don’t know if the terrorists are still in there. You do know that there are civilians trapped inside. Worst of all that a nuclear warhead is set to explode. Your team’s primary mission is to infiltrate the facility, rescue the civilians as well as to deactivate the warhead before it’s too late.

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