Spellbound – Doncaster Wool Market

We are back at Doncaster Wool Market for Halloween! Our brand new pop up escape room Spellbound is now open for a limited time only! Spellbound is a half hour game for 2-5 players, and its just £7 per person. The Wool Market has some great shops, and plenty of places to eat and drink while you’re here!

We’ve had some awesome groups play so far, and still have a few spaces left for you to give it a go!

Spellbound at Doncaster Wool Market

We are about to enter the office of Professor Maddox Maginé. It is believed that he has been kidnapped by dark wizards, who are after the almighty Master Wand. The wand is the most powerful tool known to wizard kind. The Master wand is believed to have been lost, centuries ago. Maginé’s family have spent years trying to track it down. According to the dark wizard, Maddox knows of it’s current location, but wont reveal anything, especially to anyone willing to participate in dark magic. While the dark wizards are distracted torturing Maddox for information, it is up to you, his apprentices, to see if you can find the Master Wand.

You can book your game by clicking here! You can check out the Wool Market here, or find them on Facebook here.