The Forgotten Chest Online!

The Forgotten Chest Online!

The Forgotten Chest Online is the new online avatar puzzle box game from Enigma Rooms Lincoln! A chest packed with hidden doors and secret compartments, solve your way through them all.

Following the death of my great uncle, I have been named as executor of his estate. Most of my duties have progressed well, everything was taken care of for me. A very well written will made the job easy; except for one very unusual chest…

I found no record of it in any of my uncle’s things except in one small book, a sort of diary, written just before his passing; when his mind had started to become addled.

“This must be it! The focus for the sleeper is in here. I must delve deeper to find it, I must awaken the one who sleeps.”

I need your help. As his esteemed colleagues, I can’t think of anyone better suited in this endeavour. I wonder what could be inside.

Will there be riches and gold? Trinkets and baubles? Or maybe just the scrawling’s of a mad man? I guess we will find out together!”

You can play the Forgotten Chest online with up to 6 players on up to 6 connections! Play with friends or family from anywhere in the world. Your avatar will be your hands and eyes, doing as you instruct to unlock the secrets of the Forgotten Chest.

The Forgotten Chest is just £35 per game! Click here to book!

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