Arctic Academy!

Play together even if you’re apart!

Fed up of online zoom quizzes? Looking for something fun that you can play together in different households? We’ve got you covered!

Arctic Academy is the new online avatar puzzle box game from Enigma Rooms Wakefield! A box packed with hidden doors and secret compartments, solve your way through them all.

Arctic Academy

Elwyn the elf has their big exam, the last test before they can enter the Elite elf team “Santa’s Little Helpers”. They need your help to solve their way through Santa’s tests, and prove they are worthy of joining the SLH. Do you have what it takes to help them succeed?

You can play with up to 6 players on up to 6 connections! Play with friends or family from anywhere in the world.

Elwyn the elf will be your eyes and ears, doing as you instruct to unlock the secrets of the elf test cube.

Arctic Academy is just £35 per game! Click here to book!

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