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Escape From Wonderland Online-

You awaken back in Wonderland, can you find your friends before the Red Queen arrives?

On a beautiful sunny day, you skip to the end of your garden to read, escaping the boredom of the real world. As the Sun beats down on you and the shadows grow longer, your eyes grow heavy and you drift off to sleep. Falling and falling you remember this sensation, and awake with a start just before you hit the ground. As your eyes adjust you realise you are back in the surreal landscape of Wonderland. Something is wrong your friends are in hiding all you know is that you need to find them. Find them before the Red Queen arrives to put an end to you once and for all. Off with your Head! A distant sound of marching creeps into your ears as you realise that it’s not reality you need to escape, it’s Wonderland.

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2 to 6 people

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Difficulty rating 7 out of 10

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This is a Online Anytime Game

Online Anytime games are a faithful replica of one of our escape rooms and you navigate around the room yourself.

– You can play on a desktop, laptop or mobile device but we recommend using a desktop or laptop.

– Once you’ve purchased a game you will be emailed a link to your game. You can start your game whenever you like from that point on, no matter what time or day. Once you start your game you have 72 hours to complete the game.

– You can share the link to your game with your friends and family that you would like to join you in the game. Once the game has started, anyone who joins in will join you at the point that you’ve got up to.

– You will only be playing with your own family and friends, you won’t be playing with strangers.

– You will need a notepad and pen to write down notes.

Good Luck at Escape From Wonderland Online

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