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Uncle Artemis Online-

You are the only one that understood Uncle Artemis and he has bequeathed you the key to his sanctum…

The Turner family have always joked about Uncle Artemis and his eccentric ways. A World traveller with a keen interest in relics from around the globe and a head full of steam, the family never understood him like you did. News of his death has hit you hard, and while the rest of the family go about managing the estate, your only thoughts are with the single item he bequeathed to you, the key to his study. That place was his sanctum, and where you most loved spending time with him. As a child it was full of wonder, as an adult the key you hold in your hand is the key to Uncle Artemis’ most intriguing secrets. With a heavy heart but a buzz in your soul, you unlock the door and step inside…

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2 to 6 people

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Difficulty rating 9 out of 10

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This is a Online Anytime Game

Online Anytime games are a faithful replica of one of our escape rooms and you navigate around the room yourself.

– You can play on a desktop, laptop or mobile device but we recommend using a desktop or laptop.

– Once you’ve purchased a game you will be emailed a link to your game. You can start your game whenever you like from that point on, no matter what time or day. Once you start your game you have 72 hours to complete the game.

– You can share the link to your game with your friends and family that you would like to join you in the game. Once the game has started, anyone who joins in will join you at the point that you’ve got up to.

– You will only be playing with your own family and friends, you won’t be playing with strangers.

– You will need a notepad and pen to write down notes.

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