Hostage Online!

Play together while you’re apart!

Fed up of online zoom quizzes? Looking for something fun that you can play together in different households? We’ve got you covered!

Our escape rooms are now online! Hostage from Enigma Rooms Doncaster is now available to play as a live avatar game!

You can play with up to 6 players on up to 6 connections! Play with friends or family from anywhere in the world. This is a live avatar escape room, the avatar will be your hands and eyes inside the game, while you find clues and solve puzzles to help them escape!

Hostage online - play online together while you're apart

Your team member has been captured and placed in confinement, you only have 60 minutes to help them escape before they’re taken for interrogation! This is a online live avatar game, you control the hostage to help them escape.

Hostage online is just £40 per game! Click here to book!

We currently have 5 different online escape experiences available to play, 4 escape rooms and a live avatar puzzle box! See our previous blog post for some more information on Arctic Academy. You can check out our other online escape games here.

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