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So you enjoy challenges and solving puzzles?
Looking for a challenging yet fun activity to unwind with your mates? Take things up a notch by experiencing our Escape Rooms – LIVE!
You need 2 – 6 players and can choose from a few various rooms.

Corporate Events

Tired of dull and conventional team building events in the city? Escape Room provides challenging scenarios packed for your team. Our Escape Rooms will provide a unique and fun event for corporate entertainment and networking events.

Family and Friends

Looking for something unique that will entertain both you and the kids? Our Escape Rooms are an excellent way to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, as you work together to escape from our rooms. Going to the movies is so last year!

Tourists and Travellers

What better way to complement your trip than to experience our Escape Rooms. Our unique form of entertainment will appeal much more than the usual tour bus, museums and bridges. We’re taking entertainment to a whole new level!

the rooms

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1.Colditz at Retford

You have been held in a number of POW camps and you have escaped from each one. This time they are sending you to Colditz! Will you escape and make it back home to your loved ones?

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2.Outbreak at Retford

There has been a worldwide zombie outbreak, can you save humanity before it’s too late??


3.The Legend of Catequil at Retford

Coming Soon

Your father, Lord Sebastian Ashcroft, is a world renowned archaeologist. Six months ago he set off on his latest expedition to the depths of South America in search of the tomb of the legendary Inca god, Catequil. Your last contact from him was three months ago, so you have decided to go to South America to find him.


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